DBLP Research Groups (University of Deusto-GNOSS)

DBLP Research Groups (University of Deusto-GNOSS) is the platform for creating research communities enriched with scientific contexts from DBLP . The recommendation contexts of Deusto-GNOSS Research Groups are a part of an index with over two million scientific publications in IT developed by GNOSS in collaboration with the University of Deusto . You can use the contexts for your community or research group.

DBLP Research Groups (University of Deusto-GNOSS) works with GNOSS software (RIAM Intelearning Lab) . RIAM is a company that develops semantic technology for the creation of specialized networks and linked markets. GNOSS works within the philosophy of Open Data and proposes a solution so that data can be linked (Linked Data). Data are expressed in OWL-RDF files. We are implementing semantic technology in Education (educational communities and social learning), semantic catalogs for companies, corporate e-commerce portals and platforms to realize the concept of Open Government and Enterprise 2.0 (corporate social networks).

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