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DBpedia is a "community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and to make this information available on the Web. DBpedia allows you to ask sophisticated queries against Wikipedia, and to link other data sets on the Web to Wikipedia data. We hope this will make it easier for the amazing amount of information in Wikipedia to be used in new and interesting ways, and that it might inspire new mechanisms for navigating, linking and improving the encyclopaedia itself."

The Greek DBpedia is the first step towards Linked Data Internationalization and the first successful attempt to serve Linked Data with de-referencable IRI?s that could form a guide for LOD publishing in non-Latin languages.

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
Source http://wiki.el.dbpedia.org
Author Greek DBpedia Team - http://wiki.el.dbpedia.org/en/people
Version 1.0
Last Updated July 30, 2016, 07:50 (UTC)
Created March 28, 2011, 14:21 (UTC)
links:2000-us-census-rdf 14
links:dbpedia 45000
links:dbtune-musicbrainz 634
links:eunis 97
links:flickr-wrappr 43186
links:freebase 39112
links:fu-berlin-dailymed 2
links:fu-berlin-dblp 4
links:fu-berlin-diseasome 69
links:fu-berlin-drugbank 79
links:fu-berlin-eurostat 98
links:fu-berlin-project-gutenberg 323
links:fu-berlin-sider 151
links:geonames-semantic-web 2010
links:geospecies 118
links:linkedgeodata 923
links:linkedmdb 330
links:nytimes-linked-open-data 1743
links:opencyc 4117
links:rdf-book-mashup 39
links:revyu 1
links:tcmgenedit_dataset 38
links:w3c-wordnet 7497
links:wikicompany 161
links:world-factbook-fu-berlin 228
links:yago 28778
namespace http://el.dbpedia.org/resource/
shortname Greek DBpedia
triples 4399898
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