Diachronic Ontologies from People's Daily

Diachronic Ontologies from People's Daily


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Usage: Word Sense Disambiguation

Status:Newly created-finished

Description: 1. Language Source Description This diachronic ontology is constructed from People's Daily of fifty years (i.e., from 1947 to 1996). The ontology for each year is consisted with several concept trees and we only consider words with frequencies not lower than 100 in each year. Numerals, punctuations, non-morpheme words, quantifiers and function words are excluded. In addition, we have subjectively defined eight eras of consecutive years. The ontology for each era only includes words with frequencies over 300 for each period. This language resource is established and maintained by the research group of Dr. Junfeng Hu in ICL Peking University. Updates and modifications will be unloaded and announced in the KLCL website (www.klcl.pku.edu.cn). 2. User License You may use, copy, reproduce, and distribute this ontology for any non-commercial purpose, subject to the restrictions in this license agreement. Some purposes which can be non-commercial are teaching, academic research, public demonstrations and personal experimentation. 3. You may not use or distribute this ontology or any derivative works in any form for commercial purposes. Examples of commercial purposes would be running business operations, licensing, leasing, or selling the ontology, distributing the ontology for use with commercial products, using the ontology in the creation or use of commercial products or any other activity which purpose is to procure a commercial gain to you or others. If you distribute the Ontology or any derivative works of the ontology, you will distribute them under the same terms and conditions as in this license, and you will not grant other rights to the Corpus or derivative works that are different from those provided by this license agreement. If you have created derivative works of the ontology, and distribute such derivative works, you will cause the modified files to carry prominent notices so that recipients know that they are not receiving the original ontology. Such notices must state: (i) that you have changed the ontology; and (ii) the date of any changes. Copyright (c) Key Laboratory of Computational Linguistics, Peking University. All rights reserved.


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