Labour Market - Italy

This dataset contains three regional data series of employment data on Italy:

  • employment
  • youth unemployment
  • long-term unemployment


The employment rate is calculated by dividing the number of persons aged 20 to 64 in employment by the total population of the same age group. The indicator is based on the EU Labour Force Survey. The survey covers the entire population living in private households and excludes those in collective households such as boarding houses, halls of residence and hospitals. Employed population consists of those persons who during the reference week did any work for pay or profit for at least one hour, or were not working but had jobs from which they were temporarily absent.

Youth Unemployment

The condition of youth in the labor market continues to worsen and this group has always been one of the most vulnerable. The youth unemployment rate is obtained as the ratio between people seeking employment in the age group 15-24 years to the labor force (employed and persons seeking employment) of the corresponding age group.

Long-term Unemployment

International conventions define as long-term unemployed a person seeking employment for at least one year (12 months). The persistence of individuals in the state of unemployment not only constitutes a serious social problem but also signals distorted functioning of the labor market.

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