ISO 12620 provides a framework for defining data categories compliant with the ISO/IEC 11179 family of standards. According to this model, each data category is assigned a unique administrative identifier, together with information on the status or decision-making process associated with the data category. In addition, data category specifications in the DCR contain linguistic descriptions, such as data category definitions, statements of associated value domains, and examples. Data category specifications can be associated with a variety of data element names and with language-specific versions of definitions, names, value domains and other attributes.

The RDF dumps of different profiles are dynamically generated at query time over the$x.rdf with $x being the profile number.

Triple counts on May 16, 2014: 3.rdf 2647 5.rdf 12358 6.rdf 4492 7.rdf 366 10.rdf 2629 11.rdf 712 13.rdf 58 14.rdf 572 15.rdf 131 16.rdf 76 17.rdf 149 19.rdf 383 20.rdf 561 22.rdf 6

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