An LOD that covers the factual knowledge sought by a typical software engineer or information technology (IT) worker. The dataset is created by semanticizing relevant documentation like Javadocs and filtering existing datasets like DBPedia and Freebase. The potential of this highly specialized linked data is tapped by building Kappa, a technical assistant application prototype (Kappa is hosted at Kappa takes keyword queries as input and provides specific factual answer(s) instead of large number of HTML pages that may or may not contain the correct and complete answer. It saves the user from scrolling through long manuals and documents to manually extract the answer.

Data and Resources

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Author Kavi Mahesh
Maintainer Apoorva Rao B
Last Updated October 10, 2013, 22:21 (UTC)
Created July 9, 2013, 12:56 (UTC)
Institution KAnOE at PES Institute Of Technology
Maintainer 2 Karthik R Prasad
Maintainer 2 Email [email protected]
Maintainer 3 Aparna Nagarajan
Maintainer 3 Email [email protected]
Version 2013-07
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