The MusicBrainz database stores all the data of the MusicBrainz music metadata catalogue. This data includes all the data about Artists, Releases, Tracks, AdvancedRelationships between them, but also the MusicBrainz users (editors) and the changes they entered into the database (edits).


Postgres database dump. RDF versions are available as package:dbtune-musicbrainz and package:zitgist-musicbrainz.

The MusicBrainz-R2RML project provides a mapping from the musicbrainz schema to RDF:

Data dumps are infrequently updated, and available from:



Core data is open, and available under Creative Commons Public Domain license.

Datasets including details of edits and editors are available under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike license - and hence are not open.

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