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Scans of the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (1888) along with some software to search those scans. The post details work up to volume 6 (as of March 2006) and it is not clear whether any more digitization has been done since then but a search of the Internet Archive (where the scans are being hosted) indicates that they have now reached volume 8. However still no OCR work done as far as one can tell (though some volumes have been 're-processed').


  • Kragen Sitaker (digitization effort)


From original message in March 2006:

At this point I have scanned volumes 1 (A-B), 2 (C), 3 (D-E), 4 (F-G), 5 (H-K) (Paul Nguyen did the work), and parts of volume 6 (L and M, but not yet N). I hope to finish the 10 volumes by the end of the week. The volumes I have scanned so far are available in raw form online, which is unfortunately not very practical to download. Soon, more practical versions of these books should be available; their home pages are

These can also be found by querying Archive.org for "a new english dictionary on historical principles".

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