RDF dataset is the Brazilian federal portal of social participation. This dataset is a RDF representation of the Noosfero Postgresql dump from ~July/2014. This dataset presents users, articles, commentaries, friendships, votes, tags and tagging.

== Link to portal:

== This dataset is part of other brazilian social participation linked data:

== These are IPython Notebooks with online scripts to analyse this dataset:

== Related OWL ontologies are: Ontology (OPa): (alternate: )

Deprecated for data, but useful for conceptual matters: (alternate: )

Ontology of Social Participation (OPS):

Social Library Ontology and Vocabulary (OBS and VBS): (all here:

== This script uses the PostgreSQL dump from and delivers a RDF version of data:

== Related documents:

(UNDP product)

(UNDP product)

(UNDP product)

(academic article)

== RDF/XML and RDF/Turtle are in this page.

== Authors are grateful to CNPq (process: 140860/2013-4, project 870336/1997-5), United Nations Development Program (PNUD/ONU, contract: 2013/000566; project BRA/12/018), SNAS/SGPR from the Brazilian Presidency, and the Postgraduate Committee of the São Carlos Physics Institute (IFSC/USP). Authors thank team for hosting the present triplestore.

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