RuThes Cloud

RuThes Cloud is a multi-level Linguistic Linked Open Data resource for Russian. It covers four linguistic levels: semantic, lexical, morphological and syntactic.

The current version of the resource includes:

  • a network of language-independent concepts;
  • lexical entries in Russian referring to concepts;
  • forms of lexical entries (in different cases, numbers, tenses, etc.);
  • syntactic trees of multi-word lexical entries.

The resource has been constructed on base of the RuThes thesaurus and the Extended Zaliznyak grammatical dictionary. It’s represented in terms of SKOS, Lemon, and LexInfo ontologies and a new custom ontology.

According to the plan of subsequent work, we are going to extend this emerging resource with: (1) lexical entries in English, Tatar, and, later, in other languages of the peoples of Russia; (2) relations between lexical entries: antonymy, derivation, abbreviation, etc.; (3) syntactic and semantic frames; (4) links to external resources, such as WordNet, BabelNet, DBpedia, etc.

We hope that our work can serve as a crystallization point of the Linguistic Linked Open Data cloud in Russian and in the languages of the peoples of Russia.

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Additional Info

Field Value
Author Alik Kirillovich
Maintainer Alik Kirillovich
Version 2.0
Last Updated May 15, 2020, 20:09 (UTC)
Created August 1, 2017, 14:07 (UTC)
Contributors Olga Nevzorova, Emil Gimadiev, and Natalia Loukachevich
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