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The scallops data set lists the catch of scallops from a 1990 National Marine Fisheries Service trawl survey in the Atlantic Ocean. The survey area runs from the Delmarva Peninsula off the coast of Virginia and Maryland up to the George Banks.


The data contains the following fields:

  • strata: a factor indicating the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) 4-digit strata designator in which the sample was taken.
  • sample: sample number per year ranging from 1 to approximately 450.
  • lat: latitude location of each sample in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • long: longitude location of each sample in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • tcatch: total number of scallops caught at the ith sample location. This is prerec + recruits.
  • prerec: number of scallops whose shell length is smaller than 70 millimeters.
  • recruits: number of scallops whose shell length is 70 millimeters or larger.


Ecker, Mark D. and Heltshe, James F. (1994) Geostatistical estimates of scallop abundance. In Case Studes in Biometry. Nicholas Lange, Louis Ryan, Lynne Billard, David Brillinger, Loveday Conquest, and Joel Greenhouse, eds. New York: Wiley, pp. 107--124.

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