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This is a simple test file, and the original tabular file loaded into GRefine with DERI RDF and CKAN extensions. The file contained only a 'State_CD' column with row cell values having 2 letter state abbreviations, and a 'State' column with row cell values having names of States.

This source data file was used with the DERI GRefine RDF extension and the endpoint to reconcile the given State_CD and State column header cell values as properties (like rdfs:label, rdf:type, rdfs:comment, etc.) of their corresponding identity URIs on, writing out whatever additional key=value pairs (predicates and objects) we wanted to attach to each State identity URI.

For some reason I haven't figured out yet, the output from GRefine / import into CKAN gave a 'null (from Google Refine)' value for this 'Description' field.


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