TCGA Roadmap

TCGA Roadmap provides an index of the files listed in the TCGA's open access HTTP site as Linked Data.


The Schema used to represent resources in the TCGA is available as a Turtle File.

As used below, the prefix tcga represents, while tcgaRoot represents

Class and Instance diagrams of the schema are also available.


See the TCGA Data Primer and Code Tables for details on these types.

  • tcga:DiseaseStudy
  • tcga:CenterType
  • tcga:CenterDomain
  • tcga:Platform
  • tcga:DataType
  • tcga:Archive
  • tcga:File

Data Types correspond to the directory structure:





Entities of all types may have the following properties.

  • rdfs:label
  • rdf:type
  • tcga:url
  • tcga:lastModified
  • tcga:firstSeen
  • tcga:lastSeen

Properties Exclusive to tcga:File Resources

Only entities of type tcga:File have the following properties.

  • tcga:diseaseStudy
  • tcga:centerType
  • tcga:centerDomain
  • tcga:platform
  • tcga:dataType
  • tcga:archive

Data and Resources

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