EU procurement register (Tender Electronic Daily) 2006-2011

Data from EUs procurement register "Tender Electronic Daily",

The data set includes +700,000 "Contract awards" published in the TED-register from 2006-2011.

The download includes data from "Tender Electronic Daily" the data includes the following columns, explained below:

doc_id: ID number generated by the TED-register pub_year: Year of publication year_sn: Year serial number (The serial number of the document within the publication) title: Title of the contract oj_ed: OJS Edition number (from the Official Journal gazette supplement in which the document appears. Counter starts from 1 each year) cpv_code: CPV-code (indicates the sector of the contract ie. health care transport etc.) orig_cpv_code: The original CPV-code (indicates the sector of the contract ie. health care transport etc.) pub_date: Date contract awarded country: Initials for the country, where the contract has been won auth_type: Awarding authority type ie. European Institution, regional authority, utilities etc. auth_name: Awarding authority name. The full name in the original language of the awarding authority doc_type: Type of announcement (ie. contract notice, contract award etc.) contract_type: The type of contracts breaks down between works, supply contract, and service contract proc_type: Indicates the procurement procedure (ie. open, negotiated, design contest, restricted procedure etc.)

Note that a series of columns from the TED-register, do not appear as they still have to be parsed.

If you are interested to get server access to the unstructured data including still not parsed content, get in touch.

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