Wikitravel was a project to create a free, complete, up-to-date, and reliable worldwide travel guide with 21,151 destination guides and other articles written and edited by Wikitravellers from around the globe. Founded in 2003 as an independent, open-source wiki, Wikitravel was sold to Internet Brands in 2006. Internet Brands has consistently refused to provide database downloads (and disabled the MediaWiki API in 2012 to make data more difficult to extract, despite the free licence) but the Wikimedia Foundation (of Wikipedia fame) hosts a fork of the original project as and does place XML dumps of the Mediawiki pages for download at least twice monthly.


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Wikitravel itself is not officially downloadable, although third-parties (such as WikiTeam) had created good backups before most of the community took their open-source data and joined Wikimedia as Wikivoyage in 2012. Wikivoyage is available at (replace 'en' with the desired language, there's also 'fr', 'sv', 'de', 'it', 'ru´ and 'nl' with over 1000 pages each). This is the simplest way to grab a copy of the Wikitravel data, just download as the first dump after the Wikivoyage/Wikitravel split was complete.

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