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  • Understanding the Emergence of "Open Science" Institutions

    P. A. David, “Understanding the Emergence of Open Science Institutions: Functionalist Economics in Historical Context,” Industrial and Corporate Change, 13(4), August 2004:...
  • Schmidt_Shupp_Walker_Ostrom_2003

    David Schmidt, Robert Shupp, James M. Walker, and Elinor Ostrom. 2003. “Playing Safe in Coordination Games: The Roles of Risk Dominance, Payoff Dominance, and History of Play.”
  • Helsinki_Siemens

    The base scenario projects Helsinki’s CO2 emissions in 2030. This scenario was calculated by using Helsinki’s historical emission growth rate and taking into account the impact...
  • Feltovich_ Iwasaki_Oda_2012

    Please cite the papers these data were used for: Feltovich, Nick, Atsushi Iwasaki, and Sobei H. Oda (2012), "Payoff levels, loss avoidance, and equilibrium selection in games...
  • Crawford_Gneezy_Rottenstreich_2008

    Vincent P. Crawford, Uri Gneezy, and Yuval Rottenstreich. 2008. “The Power of Focal Points is Limited: Even Minute Payoff Asymmetry May Yield Large Coordination Failures.” The...
  • Costa-Gomes_Crawford_Broseta_2001

    Miguel Costa-Gomes, Vincent P. Crawford, and Bruno Broseta. 2001. “Cognition and Behavior in Normal-Form Games: An Experimental Study.” Econometrica, 69(5), pp.1193-1235
  • Costa-Gomes_Crawford_2006

    Miguel Costa-Gomes and Vincent P. Crawford. 2006. “Cognition and Behavior in Two-Person guessing Games: An Experimental Study.” The American Economic Review, 96(5), pp.1737-1768
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