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  • Ontology for MicroRNA Target Prediction

    The purpose of the OMIT ontology is to facilitate the identification and characterization of important roles microRNAs (miRNAs) played in human cancer. To be more specific, it...
  • Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

    Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man, OMIM (TM). McKusick-Nathans Institute for Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD) and National Center for Biotechnology...
  • Ontology for General Medical Science

    The Ontology for General Medical Science (OGMS) is based on the papers Toward an Ontological Treatment of Disease and Diagnosis and On Carcinomas and Other Pathological...
  • Ontology of Glucose Metabolism Disorder

    Including the disease names. phenotypes and their classifications involved in Glucose Metabolism Disorder, Diabetes. (OBO and OWL format are available in sourceforge.)
  • Ontology for Genetic Interval

    An ontology to describe the genetic interval, and the relations between genetic intervals.
  • Ontology for disease genetic investigation

    The ontology for the original papers investigating the relations between genetic factors and disease.
  • Ontology of Clinical Research (OCRe)

    OCRe is an ontology designed to support systematic description of, and interoperable queries on, human studies and study elements.

    OBOE Extension for SBC-LTER
  • OBOE

    Observational Modeling
  • Ontology for Biomedical Investigations

    OBI is an ontology of investigations, the protocols and instrumentation used, the material used, the data generated and the types of analysis performed on it. To import, Latest...
  • Ontology of Adverse Events (OAE)

    The Ontology of Adverse Events (OAE) is a biomedical ontology in the domain of adverse events. OAE aims to standardize adverse event annotation, integrate various adverse event...
  • NanoParticle Ontology

    An ontology that represents the basic knowledge of physical, chemical and functional characteristics of nanotechnology as used in cancer diagnosis and therapy.
  • Non Randomized Controlled Trials Ontology

    We built an ontology to help the systematic review and meta-analysis process of non randomized clinical trials.
  • NMR-instrument specific component of metabolomics investigations

    Descriptors relevant to the experimental conditions of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) component in a metabolomics investigation.
  • Neural-Immune Gene Ontology

    The Neural-Immune Gene Ontology (NIGO) is a subset of GO directed for neurological and immunological systems. NIGO was created by clipping those GO terms that are not associated...
  • NIF Dysfunction

    This ontology contains the former BIRNLex-Disease, version 1.3.2. -- The BIRN Project lexicon will provide entities for data and database annotation for the BIRN project,...
  • NIF Cell

    Cell types from NIFSTD

    NIF Standard ontology (NIFSTD) is a core component of Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF) project (http://neuinfo.org), a semantically enhanced portal for accessing and...
  • Neomark Oral Cancer-Centred Ontology

    Ontology that describes the medical information necessary for early detection of the oral cancer reoccurrence extracted from the NeoMark Project.
  • Neomark Oral Cancer Ontology

    Ontology that describes the medical information necessary for early detection of the oral cancer reoccurrence extracted from the NeoMark Project.
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