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  • Knowledge Forest

    A knowledge forest is a domain-specific knowledge graph, describing the learning dependencies between topics in a given course. A knowledge forest is constructed by the...
  • EWC-codes

    European waste codes.
  • Toimialaluokitus

    Suomalainen yritysten toimialaluokitus / Finnish business classification data
  • Russian Universities Specialities

    This ontology describes a degree of higher education and the direction of bachelor's and master's degrees in the Russian Federation and their compliance with the various...
  • Second-level domains list/zone file

    The list includes about 20M of second-level internet domain names
  • Alpine Ski Racers of Austria

    Austrian top-skiers active in world cup.
  • ProductDB

    ProductDB is the Linked Data view of ProductWiki a resource for free, unbiased product reports written by a dedicated community. ProductDB extracts structured information from...
  • LinkLion - A Link Repository for the Web of Data

    LinkLion is an open-source central repository for the storage of links among resources in the Linked Open Data web. The main goal of LinkLion is to facilitate the publication,...
  • Procomún Solr endpoint

    Solr endpoint to access data from http://procomún.educalab.es. This endpoint contains educational resources, posts, communities, events and more information stored in Procomún.
  • Procomún SPARQL

    SPARQL endpoint with learning objects oriented to teachers, scholars and students. http://procomun.educalab.es/
  • EuroSentiment

    Gabriela Vulcu, Raul Lario Monje, Mario Munoz, Paul Buitelaar and Carlos A. Iglesias (2014), Linked-Data based Domain-Specific Sentiment Lexicons, In: Proceedings of the 3rd...
  • http://www.iwmi.cgiar.org/publications/iwmi-working-papers/

    The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) is a non-profit, scientific research organization focusing on the sustainable use of water and land resources in developing...
  • Organizaçao Territorial Brasil

    A proposta destes dados é facilitar as buscas de quem usa Estados e Municípios.
  • LD4S Linked Sensor Data

    Sensor and Sensor-related data semantically annotated using the SPITFIRE ontology thanks to the LD4S web service.
  • Wiktionary - EN

    About Welcome to the English-language Wiktionary, a collaborative project to produce a free, multilingual dictionary with definitions, etymologies, pronunciations, sample...
  • Wiktionary

    About Main page for all the different Wiktionary projects around the world. (See specific projects for details on downloading!)
  • Wikiquote

    "Welcome to Wikiquote, a free online compendium of quotations from notable people and creative works in every language, including sources (where known), translations of...
  • Wikisource

    Wikisource is a repository of English language text. As of October 2011, it contains over 240,000 pages. From the website Wikisource is an online library of free content...
  • Wikinews

    "We are a group of volunteers whose mission is to present reliable, unbiased, relevant and entertaining News. All content is released under a free license. By making our content...
  • Wikibooks

    "Welcome to Wikibooks, a Wikimedia project that was started on July 10, 2003 with the mission to create a free collection of open-content textbooks that anyone can edit."
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