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  • Plant Ontology

    The Plant Ontology is a structured vocabulary and database resource that links plant anatomy, morphology and growth and development to plant genomics data. The PO is under...
  • Plant Anatomy

    A controlled vocabulary of plant morphological and anatomical structures representing organs, tissues, cell types, and their biological relationships based on spatial and...
  • Mammalian phenotype

    The Mammalian Phenotype Ontology is under development as a community effort to provide standard terms for annotating mammalian phenotypic data.
  • Mouse adult gross anatomy

    A structured controlled vocabulary of the adult anatomy of the mouse (Mus).
  • Human Phenotype Ontology

    The Human Phenotype Ontology is being developed to provide a structured and controlled vocabulary for the phenotypic features encountered in human hereditary and other disease....
  • Gene Ontology

    Provides structured controlled vocabularies for the annotation of gene products with respect to their molecular function, cellular component, and biological role. The Gene...
  • Gene Ontology Extension

    Gene Ontology Extension
  • BRENDA tissue / enzyme source

    A structured controlled vocabulary for the source of an enzyme. It comprises terms for tissues, cell lines, cell types and cell cultures from uni- and multicellular organisms.
  • Amphibian taxonomy

    A taxonomy of Amphibia
  • African Traditional Medicine

    African Traditional Medicine Ontology (ATMO) describes the actors' function (healer, fetishist or soothsayer); the different types of proposed process treatment, the symptom's...
  • Ascomycete phenotype ontology

    A structured controlled vocabulary for the phenotypes of Ascomycete fungi
  • Anatomical Entity Ontology

    AEO is an ontology of anatomical structures that expands CARO, the Common Anatomy Reference Ontology, to about 200 classes using the is_a relationship; it thus provides a...
  • Amphibian gross anatomy

    A structured controlled vocabulary of the anatomy of Amphibians.
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