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  • Europeana Linked Open Data

    All Europeana datasets can be explored, accessed and downloaded through the Europeana API at http://labs.europeana.eu. The data is represented in the Europeana Data Model (EDM)....
  • Russian catalog on opendata

    OpenGovData.ru is russian non-governement non-profit open data catalog.
  • Open Data Bank

    Description From the home page: The ODB is a free repository for open data. The data here is available without charge, license, or restrictions. All of the data is available in...
  • nomis - Official UK Labour Market statistics (ONS)

    Official (UK) labour market statistics. In addition to a standard human-usable web interface, on 2010-03-15 a REST API was released: This is the Nomis RESTful API you can use...
  • List of russian government bloggers

    List of russian government bloggers as JSON export via API of Goslyudi.ru project ("Goslyudi" means "government people")
  • The License Database

    Welcome to the License Database project (aka LicenseDB). Our goal is to build a structured database of all copyright (and related rights) licenses used in the free software /...
  • Ernest Marples

    About From website: Post codes are really useful, but the powers that be keep them closed unless you have loads of money to pay for them. Which makes it hard to build useful...
  • CorpWatch

    About From the website: The CorpWatch API uses automated parsers to extract the subsidiary relationship information from Exhibit 21 of companies' 10-K filings with the SEC and...
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