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  • Cognitive Atlas

    The Cognitive Atlas is a collaborative knowledge building project that aims to develop an ontology that characterizes the state of current thought in cognitive science. It...
  • Computational Neuroscience Ontology

    CNO is a controlled vocabulary of terms used in Computational Neurosciences to describe models of the nervous system. This first release of CNO is an alpha version and should be...
  • Clinical Measurement Ontology

    The Clinical Measurement Ontology is designed to be used to standardize morphological and physiological measurement records generated from clinical and model organism research...
  • Cell Line Ontology

    The Cell Line Ontology (CLO) is a community-based ontology in domain of biological cell lines with a focus on permanent cell lines from culture collections. Upper ontology...
  • Cell type

    The Cell Ontology is designed as a structured controlled vocabulary for cell types. This ontology was constructed for use by the model organism and other bioinformatics...
  • Chemical Information Ontology

    Includes terms for the descriptors commonly used in cheminformatics software applications and the algorithms which generate them.
  • Systems Chemical Biology/Chemogenomics

    Ontology for Systems Chemical Biology and Chemogenomics
  • Chemical entities of biological interest

    A structured classification of chemical compounds of biological relevance.
  • Comparative Data Analysis Ontology

    A formalization of concepts and relations relevant to evolutionary comparative analysis, such as phylogenetic trees, OTUs (operational taxonomic units) and compared characters...
  • Cell Cycle Ontology

    An application ontology integrating knowledge about the eukaryotic cell cycle.
  • CareLex

    Categories and terms used to classify content (documents, images, etc) in electronic content repositories for life science / BioPharma. Initial version contains content model...
  • CAO

    CAOontology is designed for supporting the COG enrichment study by using Fisher's exact test
  • Cancer Chemoprevention Ontology

    The Cancer Chemoprevention Ontology constitutes a vocabulary that is able to describe and semantically interconnect the different paradigms of the cancer chemoprevention domain.
  • BRENDA tissue / enzyme source

    A structured controlled vocabulary for the source of an enzyme. It comprises terms for tissues, cell lines, cell types and cell cultures from uni- and multicellular organisms.
  • BioTop

    A top-domain ontology that provides definitions for the foundational entities of biomedicine as a basic vocabulary to unambiguously describe facts in this domain.
  • Spatial Ontology

    A small ontology for anatomical spatial references, such as dorsal, ventral, axis, and so forth.
  • Biomedical Resource Ontology

    A controlled terminology of resources, which is used to improve the sensitivity and specificity of web searches.
  • BioPAX

    The BioPAX ontology (www.biopax.org) is a standard language for formally representing biological pathways. BioPAX Level 3 supports the representation of metabolic pathways,...
  • Gene Regulation Ontology

    The BOOTStrep Ontology is a conceptual model for the domain of gene regulation. It covers processes that are linked to the regulation of gene expression as well as physical...
  • BIRNLex

    The BIRN Project lexicon will provide entities for data and database annotation for the BIRN project, covering anatomy, disease, data collection, project management and...
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