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  • GeoWordNet

    GeoWordNet is a semantic resource built from the full integration of WordNet, GeoNames and the Italian part of MultiWordNet. GeoWordNet Public Dataset contains 3,698,238...
  • WordNet 3.0 (VU Amsterdam)

    RDF conversion of Princeton's package:wordnet, version 3.0. With many links to package:w3c-wordnet, package:lexvo and the Dutch package:cornetto .
  • Cornetto1.2

    Dutch lexical database, similar to WordNet but with more semantic relations. Links to package:vu-wordnet and package:w3c-wordnet . When this dataset is used for research...
  • lemonUby

    Export of UBY to lemon format
  • IWN

    This is the dataset corresponding to the ItalWordNet as created at the Institute of Computational Linguistic "A. Zampolli" in Pisa. The resource contains single instances such...
  • Open Multilingual Wordnet

    Documentation of and links to data for wordnets in 20 languages (Albanian, Arabic, Danish, English, Persian, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Basque, Catalan,...
  • eXtended WordNet

    About From website: WordNet is a lexical database for English that has been widely adopted in artificial intelligence and computational linguistics for a variety of practical...
  • Texai Lexicon

    Data exposed: machine readable dictionary derived from WordNet 2.1, Wiktionary, the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary and the OpenCyc lexicon. Each lexicon word sense entry contains...
  • dict.org: Dictionary Related Material

    Description A set of dictionary related material (definitions, thesauri, jargon files etc) bundled together with an API. A full list of the data included can be found on this...
  • Catalan WordNet

    This dataset has no description

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