Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures

Established in 2013, the Academia Sinica Center for Digital Cultures (ASCDC, is responsible for planning and implementing core digital archives projects at Academia Sinica (main project), while also coordinating and managing the work of digital archives expansion and digital technology development done by various institutes and centers at Academia Sinica (sub-projects). The Center also supports and cooperates with the National Science Council’s "The Sustainable Management of Taiwan Digital Archives Project". Academia Sinica’s institutes and centers have been engaged in a long-term endeavor to apply information technology to the archiving of precious cultural heritage, historical documents, archaeological discoveries, biological specimens, and a wide variety of photographic images stored at Academia Sinica, as well as developing related digital information and web technology. These efforts have resulted in the accumulation of over a million digital collections and the construction of nearly one hundred websites and databases, all of which represents immense potential for future development and utilization.